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Description Price
AC101 Rare Pepsi Double Bubble Advertising Products Co. Clock $1195
AC118 1940's Dick Lurie Detroit Ford Dealer Neon 26" Clock $1950
AC108 Garber Buick (1st Buick Dealer) Wooden Thermometer


AC120 Ex-Lax Chocolated Laxative Porcelain Thermometer MINT!! SOLD
AC121 1950's NuGrape Soda Pop Barbershop Candy Store 8" Tall Electric Clock $495
AC119 Cleveland Press Lighthouse Beacon Porcelain Thermometer SOLD
AC117 Trico Wiper Blades Glass Dome Thermometer SOLD
AC122 1950's sun Crest Beverages Barbershop Candy Store 8" Electric Clock $495
AC109 1915 Coca-Cola Regulator Clock w/ Original paper inside $1596
AC107 Trico Wiper Blade Solvent Thermometer SOLD
AC115 Marble Brass Cast Iron Bank Clock OLD $495
AC110 1940's Coca-Cola Metal Electric Clock (as is) $495
AC111 1940's Universal Batteries Metal Thermometer MINT SOLD
Item ac104 AC104 Lin-X Clear Gloss 14 1/2" square thick gauge metal clock is very old and in great original condition.

It functions properly and looks great!!

AC112 Iroquois Beer Double Bubble Pam Clock MINT $1195
Item ac105 AC105 Here's a very hard to find Armstrong Rhino-Flex Tires Pam lite-up clock for sale!!

This ORIGINAL old Pam 15" glass domed and glassed faced clock lites up and runs well. Minor flaking between the "1" and the "2" on the white paint. This could easily be repainted to match. All of the graphics are intact!!
There is rust on the bezel (replacements are available if desired). THIS IS NOT A REPRODUCTION OR A FANTASY PIECE!!

AC113 Sun Crest Beverages Swihart Electric Barbershop Candy Store Clock $350

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2005 Vintage Cool Stuff
Grand Blanc, Michigan

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